Project Details

  • 10.5 acres
  • 4,000,000 sf
  • 6,000+ rental homes
  • 1200+ affordable homes
  • Largest net zero operational carbon residential project in Canada
  • Largest First Nations Real Estate economic development project in Canadian history
  • Largest Real Estate Development partnership with any First Nation in Canadian history
  • Historic architectural, cultural, artistic, construction, and entrepreneurial opportunities for the Squamish Nation

How does Sen̓áḵw help define a new generation of First Nations reconciliation and leadership?

  • The largest Real Estate Development partnership with any First Nation in Canadian history.
  • Squamish Nation not just passive landlords but active investors and partners in developing the land.
  • Historic economic development opportunity that will set the Squamish Nation on a path to complete economic independence.
  • Landmark Coast Salish architecture and design — a lasting cultural legacy for the Squamish Nation and for Canada.
  • Hundreds of job and entrepreneurial opportunities for Squamish Nation membership in design, construction, and operations.
  • Squamish Nation membership voted 87% in favour of progressively developing their lands — a historic majority and clear mandate.
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How does Sen̓áḵw respond to the climate crisis?

  • This project will be Canada's first large-scale net zero operational carbon housing development — and one of only a few in the world.
  • With aspirations to be 100% GHG-free, all of Sen̓áḵw's heating and cooling will be produced by a new 10MW district energy system fed by waste heat from Metro Vancouver's adjacent sewer infrastructure.
  • 45,000 sf of mass timber construction, generating 50% less embodied carbon than typical concrete construction.
  • The buildings will also meet the Step 3 of the BC Energy code and will feature highly efficient triple-glazed envelopes to minimize both thermal and noise transmission.
  • The units will feature energy efficient appliances and fixtures to minimize water use and the entire development is designed to encourage the use of alternative forms of transportation and reducing the residents’ dependence on the single occupant automobile.

How does Sen̓áḵw help solve the housing challenge?

  • Construct 6,000 homes in downtown Vancouver in as little as 5 years, start to finish. Ready to commence construction in 2022.
  • Reserve land, with the Squamish Nation in the driver's seat: no drawn-out approvals or permitting delays.
  • Primarily purpose-built rental homes available for all Vancouverites, with over 1200+ affordable homes.
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