Sen̓áḵw Art Integration

Celebrating and honouring Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) cultural identity is at the heart of the Sen̓áḵw Development; it will provide an opportunity to incorporate and feature Coast Salish Art in a variety of applications, including 3D art integrated into the décor, wallpaper, signage, interior displays, as well as in the landscaping and public spaces.

To ensure a fair selection process and to bring Squamish culture to Sen̓áḵw, the Sen̓áḵw Cultural Advisory Panel ('the Panel') has been established. This dedicated Panel is entrusted with defining the values, structure and desired outcomes for infusing cultural identity into the Sen̓áḵw Development. The Panel will oversee matters related to cultural design, emphasizing sensitivity, diversity, and inclusivity in every aspect of the project.

In collaboration with the Sen̓áḵw Art Integration Advisor, Imu Chan, the Panel is actively crafting an Artistic Plan. The goal of the plan is to outline a comprehensive strategy that maximizes art opportunities for Squamish members, ranging from emerging artists to experienced artists.

The selection of artists will be conducted through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process. Details on this process to come shortly!

This project is a unique opportunity to pay homage to previous generations who called Sen̓áḵw home, commemorating their legacy through cultural markers that share the rich history and culture of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh people.

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