How does Sen̓áḵw help define a new generation of First Nations reconciliation and leadership?

  • The largest partnership with any First Nation in Canadian history.
  • Squamish Nation not just passive landlords but active investors and partners in developing the land.
  • Historic economic development opportunity that will set the Squamish Nation on a path to complete economic independence.
  • Landmark Coast Salish architecture and design — a lasting cultural legacy for the Squamish Nation and for Canada.
  • Hundreds of job and entrepreneurial opportunities for Squamish Nation membership in design, construction, and operations.
  • Squamish Nation membership voted 87% in favour of progressively developing their lands — a historic majority and clear mandate.

How does Senákw respond to the climate crisis?

  • This project will be Canada's first large-scale net zero carbon housing development — and one of only a few in the world.
  • With aspirations to be 100% GHG-free, all of Senákw's heating and cooling will be produced by a new 10MW district energy system fed by waste heat from Metro Vancouver's adjacent sewer infrastructure.
  • 225,000 sf of mass timber construction, generating 50% less embodied carbon than typical concrete construction.

How does Senákw help solve the housing challenge?

  • Construct 6,000 homes in downtown Vancouver in as little as 5 years, start to finish. Ready to commence construction in 2021.
  • Reserve land, with the Squamish Nation in the driver's seat: no drawn-out approvals or permitting delays.
  • Primarily purpose-built rental homes available for all Vancouverites, with over 950+ affordable homes.
  • 10.5 acres
  • 4,000,000 sf
  • 6,000+ rental homes
  • 950+ affordable homes
  • Largest net zero carbon residential project in Canada
  • Largest First Nations economic development project in Canadian history
  • Historic architectural, cultural, artistic, construction, and entrepreneurial opportunities for the Squamish Nation

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